NOVA9 : Welcome to Naturally Healthy Herby Life


Our impeccable Squad

Our Research & Development Wing

Experience of more than 3 decades has made our scientists and researchers, the master of “Ayurveda and Nutraceuticals.”  They hold more than 25+ patented which are highly acclaimed and accepted by millions of users and uniquely comes with a 100% money back guarantee commitment.

Our Team have rendered over 1000+ of rigorous days and nights effort to bring the real magic of nature in drops of niró9.

More than 500 trials were conducted in order to give niró9 its actual aura and to process it for the final launch. Because of this hardwork and dedication it become the most coveted H2O corrector and Natural Detoxifier with zero added chemicals.

– Team D’utlimate Life Science.

Our Pioneer

Having vigorous acquaintance with changing the skyline of Uttar Pradesh real estate for over 2 decades. Over 50+ residential and commercial projects were delivered as promised on time. 

Having distinct excellence in generosity (hospitality industry) crafted in “Nawabi Culture” not only in India but also in the breeze of Middle East.

– Mohd. Rizwan
(Entrepreneur, Real Estate and Hotelier)

Also we are having a robust 3 decade of experience in corporate industry where discipline, punctuality, quality, all go hand in hand in proper synchronisation.

– Mr. BAV Bhaskar
(Ex. Bajaj, Engineer)