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Water, Water Everywhere!!

But Which One Is to Drink, Is The Biggest Question???


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India is blessed with a unique position in the world and has a proven medicinal history, nature has given us the solution for every possible health issue, there is famous saying

“साधन भरे हुए है बस साधना की कमी है।“

Nature has all remedial elements for all kinds of pain and discomfort, mental illness, physical illness, nature has been always a perfect source of all healthy and happiness, ingredients are latent in the farms, the sea and the mountain the only need is to understand and identify the essentials, to procure and to design the healing solution at its best.

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But Which One Is to Drink, Is A Big Question?

Water covers more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface, but mostly salty and undrinkable. The available freshwater resource is only 2.7% of all the available water sources on earth but only 1% of the available freshwater (in lakes, rivers and groundwater) is accessible. Water is the basic necessity of life. Our body is made up of 70 per cent water, that’s why it is essential to drink a sufficient amount of fluids in a day to keep the internal system in a working state. Water helps in flushing out toxins from the body, maintain the core temperature, transport minerals to different organs and assist in digesting the food we consume. Additionally, there are few more vital roles of water which are as follow:

Regulates Body Temperature

Moistens Tissues In The Eyes, Nose & Mouth

Protects Body Organs & Tissues

Carries Nutrients and Oxygen to Cells.​


Lessens Burden On The Kidneys And Liver By Flushing Out Waste Products

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